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Recent developments in Denmark

This year, a new government was elected in Denmark, and as a result the public is expecting new policies, including educational reforms. The actors and organisations in adult education have positive expectations as the new minister of Culture and Education has expressed his support for non-formal learning, particularly regarding digital education and young adults’ mental health. More specifically, the new minister has set up a plan to review the funding plans for so-called "free schools" in order to make them more "socially responsible".

The civic community is increasing its presence and working on advocating for adult education. Both the study associations and EAEA member, the Danish Adult Education Association, have increased their campaigning activities in order to make adult learning more visible to both policy makers and the broader population. This has been done through campaigns on social media and a public award ceremony.

The concept of life skills has also been on the agenda of the Danish Adult Education Association and its member organisations. The Association and its members are working on providing wider learning opportunities for adults, as well as raising awareness about the purpose and value of non-formal adult learning, especially in terms of life skills.