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Developments: Systematic approach to adult learning and education is missing

During 2020/2021, the situation of adult learning and education (ALE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina has slightly deteriorated. Libar Vocational High School, a member of EAEA, demonstrated that a systematic approach to adult learning and education is still missing, and the COVID-19 has enhanced this situation even more.

According to Libar, there are no changes in adult learning and education this year. Also, the funding of ALE has not changed. Civil society is rarely consulted in the design and implementation of ALE policies in the country.

More funding for ALE is needed

Libar is interested in developing a plan or a strategy to promote sustainability but they do not know yet how to start.

Libar is not aware of participation in CONFINTEA VII, the UNESCO Conference on Adult Education in 2022, but they plan to get involved in it.

Although some of their goals are the same as in 2020/2021, Libar remarks that for the upcoming year, their focus will be on a group of individuals who are willing to find a new life perspective by gaining much needed formal vocational qualifications, to be more competitive in the European labour market. Libar also intends to apply for more funding from the EU to develop adult education in Bosnia-Herzegovina.