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Developments: Successful implementation of the European policies

Lire et Ecire, an organization that mainly focuses on literacy and numeracy stated that the situation of adult education in Belgium stayed the same to the previous year. Socius, an organization that mainly targets socio-cultural adult work within the Flemish government reiterates that there have been no significant policy changes in the past year. Socius mentions that their funding situation has slightly deteriorated, based on a government austerity policy. Lire et Ecire’s funding situation has stayed the same.

In 2019/2020 some policies were in place that promoted Upskilling Pathways and others that furthered the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Belgium. The country reports from the European Semester, partially mirror Socius’ and Lire et Ecire’s experience in the adult education sector in Belgium in the past year. Socius, among other organisations in the adult education sector have been involved in a civil society consultation process on the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). So far, EPSR has only been implemented in some areas of the country, but there it has played an important role in promoting national and regional policies and frameworks. Lire et Ecire had a different perception on the EPSR. According to them the EPSR does not play an important role in Belgium, because national policies on adult education and lifelong learning are more ambitious than the ones proposed in the EPSR.