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Challenges: Closer interaction between government and civil society needed

IPA was only slightly affected, as some of their projects were postponed or cancelled. Coping with the consequences of a global pandemic, one of the major challenges for the upcoming year will be to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Training will need to be converted into online formats, which might leave participants with lower digital skills behind. At the same time the accessibility of adult education will be limited by the economic consequences of COVID-19. As citizens will have less money to spend on adult education, the government needs to be prepared to compensate organisations, ensuring that adult learning and education can take place in Belarus. 

The government should listen to civil society

IPA would like to encourage the government to interact more closely with civil society organisations. IPA adapted its priorities to the pandemic, which enhanced the role of care and social solidarity across society. Promoting civic education received more importance and IPA provided training for civic skills and participation.

IPA believes that the government should acknowledge adult education as a driver for development. They urge the government to support participation in non-formal adult education financially. Belarus should also develop a strategy that improves access to education and promotes online learning and education.