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Recent developments in Belarus

In 2018/2019 there have been no major changes in the field of adult education in Belarus, according to our EAEA member. The main challenges are related to the accessibility of educational programmes for adults living in remote regions and rural areas, as well as for groups at risk of social exclusion. In this regard, the adult education system needs to develop institutional frameworks in each region, so that advanced the involvement of stakeholders can be advanced, primarily as local authorities. Higher support and recognition from the government would considerably increase the amount of financial subsidies, and consequently the implementation of well-structured mechanisms. This, in turn stimulates the participation of social groups, vulnerable people, enhancing their awareness.
Our member in Belarus is currently focusing, and intends to continue to do so, on projects for young people and young adults, promoting critical thinking, responsible and sustainable attitudes towards nature and the environment, historical and cultural heritage, and intercultural learning.