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Challenges and recommendations in Belarus

Our EAEA member in Belarus hopes that their governing bodies will increase the responsibility of local authorities in adult education. While this will not necessarily increase funding there they hope that it will encourage local authorities to properly recognise the value of adult education: and as a result, will promote awareness of adult education. Promotion and outreach on a regional level could be very valuable for the adult education system in Belarus. At present adult education providers in Belarus are struggling to reach those who need basic training the most, it is their hope that with regional responsibilities and control recruitment efforts for adult learners can be more focused and concerted. 

Our member also notes that future adult education agendas should start to consider EU and non-EU countries collaborating, this is a priority because they imagine that it will improve communication and sharing of best practices. Sharing experiences and recommendations from a wider cultural network could be especially valuable for Belarus who is not presently a member state of the European Union, and thus, through increased communication, could begin to enlist practices that were developed by EU countries who are not presently engaging in discourse with Belarus directly. Finally, due to the geographical location of Belarus may want to encourage Russian and EU collaboration. Belarus has a very strong political and economic relationship with Russia and so seeing communication between their closest neighbour and ally, as well as advice and experiences from their wider geographical and cultural community could provide them with practices they find it easiest to implement.