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Links to EU and international policy in Austria

The Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of many Austrian national political strategies concerning inclusive and quality education for all. Sustainability is the main theme within the nation-wide programme for adult education centres. While this seems positive for non-formal, or informal, education in Austria, the Austrian government is primarily focusing on formal education; and this issue is being addressed by EAEA members in the country through advocacy work.

At the moment, the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres, an EAEA member, is working on the development of teaching and learning methods of the Democracy MOOC (described in the previous section). The online course is designed to enhance democratic citizenship, support people in transition phases, and build their capacity to deal with climate change issues.

The Upskilling Pathways initiative is implemented in some areas, especially regarding basic education for adults, vocational training, and higher education. In addition, the EAEA members support the concept that adult learning should be part oiiif the declaration of human rights.

The Austrian Agenda for Adult Learning emphasizes the importance of high quality of formal and non-formal education and training for adults, however, it does not explicitly mention the necessity of structures in adult education. It is believed that governance should be a focus of the future agenda and adult education organisations must have well-functioning structures.