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Overview: adult education in Armenia

Adult education policy in the Republic of Armenia is centred on the Strategy of Supplementary and Continuous Education (2013-2017) and the Strategy for Economic Growth (2017-2022). The major focus has been the provision of vocational education and training and knowledge and skill development for employability. Non-formal adult education is not mentioned in recent policy documents and continues to receive little recognition from the Armenian government and society.

The government and the National Training Fund approved the procedures for a validation system for informal and non-formal learning in 2015, but the system is not operational yet. Hence, non-formal adult learning activities remain unregistered and often unacknowledged. Alongside other civil society actors, the Armenian Lifelong Learning League (ALLL), an EAEA member, advocates for the importance of lifelong learning and urges the government to acknowledge the role of lifelong learning in enhancing social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development in Armenia.

The challenges for the future of non-formal adult education in Armenia are manifold. On the one hand, the President of ALLL (Samvel Karabekyan) pointed out that very few Armenians are willing to engage in continuing and further education. On the other hand, the conditions for lifelong learning provision are not in place, including the legal framework, infrastructure, professional support and the necessary attitude of the state and society.

Providing access to all members of society also remains a challenge, as socio-economically disadvantaged adults, older generations, digitally illiterate and migrants are less likely to participate in programs. Furthermore, insufficient funding and a lack of systemic partnerships complicate the implementation of lifelong learning programs in Armenia.


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